Mumtaz Aphrodite

The Salukis "Virus" was inside of mine and from dog shows to dog shows I get a better view for how have to be physically a Saluki. I also buy numerous books and reviews about sighthounds.

LBritish people were the first to introduce Salukis in Europe and I have a lot interest for English breeding. In a Salukis revue, I have seen a wonderful bitch Ch GB Mumtaz Mead.
I have taked contact with her breeder and owner Mrs. Zola Rawson.
I visited her kennel in 1983 and immedialy our love for the same breed have make us good friends, Zola Rawson have lived during many years in Middle East and have learn me so much interesting things about Salukis. I never thank her enough.

Mumtaz Mead has given birth the 3 April 1984 to six super puppies and I have received a black grizzle bitch Mumtaz Aphrodite.

At her 3 month and after a trip by boat Aphrodite is coming at home.

For Djaïn it was a great day, after 5 years without companions Djaïn was totally under the charm of this little English bitch.

As Djaïn have been an easy puppy, as Aphrodite was a devil, she have broken all the toys of her big friend, made holes every where in the garden, jumped over the fences, opened the doors for both sides, ate the cat neighbor 's plate: a real little pest, but so much charm.



She was pretty and awfully clever.

In shows her results were really better than the one of her friend Djaïn, she became few first place, but never became champion. At that time, the concurrence between to very well know Dutch breeders was so great and only few other exhibitors became first places.

For myself, Aphrodite was a magnificent bitch, she has been mother of two litters and of my first champion: CH International and Luxembourg Nazreen d'Alfabia.

Aphrodite was a super mum and the foundation of my breeding.


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