Rhea d'Alfabia (International, Belgium, Monaco Champion)

Thanks to Nazreen, I went with her to dog shows and was very proud of my first d'Alfabia Champion.

I let always to my Salukis bitches the time for growing and mature. This breed stays long young as well morally than physically and my bitches have never puppies before the age of 4 years.At that time, they can really enjoy their maternity.
So Nazreen have been covered by International, German and VDH champion Mi Ma-Sha Benjamin Ba'jad (I 'm really like this kennel who is breeding old types Salukis and dogs who are well in their head).
Nazreen give birth to a lonely puppy, but what a marvellous little white girl, I was really crazy of her.


This unique child Rhéa was very well in her head. Surrounded by her mother, her grand mother Mumtaz Aphrodite, the little one liked so much to tease her grand mum and her aunt Larissa. This one taught her the limits to respect in the Saluki's pack.



Rhéa had the easy and tender temper of her mother and was also so sweet.


She made a nice show career: International, Belgium and Monaco Champion.





Her life has changed a lot when her mother has offered her two playful terrible younger sisters form the T litter. As in all family some small quarrels, but so much happiness for Rhéa.

Rhéa was the mother of the Y litter.

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