A few history ...

Some words about me ... I 'm born in 1952 in Belgian Ardennes and I was always surrounded by many animals, my grand parents had a farm and as soon I could walked my grand father let me go on his horses and my love for animals never stop growing.
I have had chance to live at a time where children were closed to nature and animals, for who milk didn't come out of a cardboard.

I have even known dogs draught - who are prohibit now - but they were for the majority of them well considered by their masters and received good eating even if they are sleeping in a cowshed with the cattle. But is it not better having this kind of live than be the whole time in a closed place with air co, not to loose their silky hairs, put with curlpapers and perfumed like a prostitute.





I like so much all living things, as well small plants or big animals, nature teaches us so well the live, why human doesn't stop to turn everything to get more and more money, or more and more power.

My prefer animals were always been the horses and the dogs.



I have practiced horse riding during many years, but after my marriage I have unfortunately stop due to lack of time. I work in an important assurance company and at the evening I have too much housework's.
As I presented my schnauzer bitch I have immediately notice the 10 group of the sight hounds, magnificent, stayed dogs as nature has created them centuries ago, their noble imposing presence, their flying way of walking reminded me so much horses.

The Salukis with his prestigious past, his gazelle eyes, his hunter temper under his quite oriental languidness conquered me at once.