Nazreen d'Alfabia (International and Luxembourg champion)

After the unexpected birth of Larissa, I wanted to make a litter in witch I can real choose a puppy.

The unfruitful marriage of Aphrodite and Mabrooka Caspar was still in my mind, I liked so much the bloodlines. But going again to Frankfurt with no certitude to get puppies made me afraid. During international racings in Beringen I have meet a Mabrooka Caspar's son : Min Ma Sha Zoran and I liked him immediately I learnt that his owners were living in Holland nearly one hour by car to my house. So I contacted them and they agreed this union. The breeding has been without trouble. A very nice litter is born from this combination. And also great and strong friendships strike up with Irène and Jos.

 I have chosen a puppy bitch the cream Nazreen.

She has been my first Saluki who have had many success on the show ring. This very sweat and beautiful bitch is becoming International and Luxembourg Champion.

She is also the mother of the litter R and T




Nazreen was a wonderful, lovely Saluki and a mother all devote to her puppies.

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