Djambo de Pandjah

At least, my dream is going to be reality at the end of 1979 the construction of my house was on the end and I can search to a Saluki puppy.

At that time, in Belgium, the most famous kennel know for the Salukis, but especially for the Afghans was the kennel of Mrs Fossé in Wavre with the suffix "de Pandjah".

A litter of salukis was born in October and I went immediately see the puppies, I choice a black fringed fawn male: Djambo de Pandjah. Few weeks later Djaïn (it's the name I give to him, Djambo is real better for an elephant) is becoming in my house.

He is a beautiful, very sweet and affectionate puppy and so quickly clean: a real little angel.

Djain become fast a very tall male, always cheerful, player and sportive. Physically he doesn't correspond perfectly to the breed standard: too big, caring the tail to high and cat feet but what a great temper.





Due to the few success received in the show rings, I registered him on the racing track, he liked very much and had very fast start, but having be attacked by another competitor in full running, he became suspicious and attacked the first one. It was difficult for him to finish the season without retreat of his license.
It is necessary to say that racings are really not adapted to the hunter at sight on long distances that stayed the Saluki. Racing, without a look to a concurrent, after a plastic lure it's real too stupid for such a clever dog.
Salukis bred only for the speed and racing on short lengths are for me no more true salukis; they have loosed their primitive hunting instinct so important and keeping along centuries. Poor working Salukis as that are call now. Working is not for Princes.

Djaïn was a delightful friend who gives me the saluki «Virus» and he is also the father of my first litter.


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