Yezidis d'Alfabia

My sweet Rhéa have had a marriage inspired by the very well know song of Jacques Brel: «Dans le port d'Amsterdam». In fact, Dutch Champion El Ubaid 's Bellophor was living in Amsterdam and his owner have no garden, so the marriage has took place in a waste ground just in the middle of the harbour with the North Sea and large ships as background.


Form this idyll are born 6 nice puppies (3 boys and 3 girls) and I have choice the dark silver grizzle Yezidis.

Yezidis is so sweet, always happy, and kindly with everybody and she likes specially children, small children. One of my little neighbouring Amandine has learned to walk with Yezidis, one hand in her mother's hand and the other on Yezidis's back, the bitch was walking very slowly and carefully at the same rhythm as the little girl.

Yezidis et la petite Danoise

During a walk, when she hears a baby crying, Yezidis goes to the kid and puts with so much care and love her nose on the baby's face. The mother is most of the time surprise and a little afraid from my tender saluki.

At home, when Yezidis is lying and somebody walks near her, she moves her tail and hands out her long legs to touch her friend.

She has always a smile on her lips and I call the «Joconde».


Yezidis Tête

Yezidis dans la neige


But if Yezidis is a sweet one, she is also stubborn. When she was 3 month old I have been with her to show training, the nice little one learn quickly to stay well and this position a long time, but walking proudly, with the head high was something else. She hates that immediately and nothing to do, not with patience, not few delicious meet before the nose, and nothing worked.

As soon as Yezidis is the ring her head becomes heavy and heavier and goes down. She has been showed 3 times and have received 3 times excellent, but due to her behaviour I have stop to torment her.

At home, she is also pigheaded, if she is lying in the garden and I call her, she hears nothing, she makes just like a donkey of witch she have the colour.

But she has so much charm and is so cuddle: a real lovely saluki my Yezi.

Belle Yezidis

Yezidis Cascadeuse


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