Larissa d'Alfabia

For the story, I had decided to breed Aphrodite with a beautiful male with English origins Ch Germany Mabrooka Caspar. His owner was Mrs. Goebel (Min Ma Sha kennel) and living in Germany. So, I have made the journey with Aphrodite to Mrs Goebel's house near Munich. The dogs met them, they played a lot, became big friends, but no marriage. A German vet said that it was to early or to late!
After 5 days of nice and pleasant holidays in Germany, we returned at home and Aphrodite has founded again her friend Djain. The life took back the humdrum routine.

On Sunday 24 July, Aphrodite was very well, no big at all and she won in dog shows of Liege the RCAC and RCACIB. The next Thursday, near 3 am I heard something, it was Aphrodite who was crying, I take her in my bed and fell asleep again. At about 5 am. the bitch cried again: few contractions and in very few time a fawn puppy was born in my bed.



It was simply wonderful: Larissa d' Alfabia was born, the love fruit of my two first Salukis.





Lariisa and her dad Djain the same


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