In memory ...


Thorayya d'Alfabia, multi champion

(11/05/1995 - 08/08/2004)


Thorayya en Mémoire

A great bitch is going away, proud and beautiful she have stayed.

Thorayya you remember me so wonderful moments, my great friend you will stay for ever in my memory.



Rhéa d'Alfabia, international champion, Belgium and Monaco

(19/10/1993 - 06/09/2004)


Rhéa en mémoire

Rhéa, the kindness, the gentleness personified.

My little white angel you miss me so much.


Taïse d'Alfabia, International, Luxembourg, Netherlands Champion

(11/05/1995 - 03/06/2005)

 Tanaise en mémoire

To my great friend Tanaïse who is now hunting for ever in the Salukis ' Paradise.