Samoems Shunnareh - Kenza -  born 20-11-2008

It had been 25 years since I had no more introduced a puppy of another kennel to me, but I had the luck that Tim Teillers of the famous kennel Samoems in Netherlands agrees me to be allowed have a magnificent young black and silver bitch.

The dad is Samoems Surakarta (Sneferu'son  the dad of my very beautifull E litter) and the mom is Samoems Sitiaminah.


Father Samoems Surakarta

Sitiaminah  and her puppies



The young  Kenza was very  welcomed by all other bitches, what proves the good temper of my Salukis

Kenza and her new mum Zakiyya

Kenza and Feriele first day

Welcome to Alfabia Kenza and good luck

Kenza at 8 1/2 weeks

Thank you Tim  for this attractive small princess


Kenza 4 mois 1-2Kenza is growing in a nice young girl with a lot of will

Kenza 6 mois