Thorayya d'Alfabia

(International, German, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Dutch, VDH and Switzerland Champion)



I have chosen Thorayya only for her nice colour black and silver, I have never had this kind of coat in my precious litters and that is all simply that says at home my most famous champion.






Irène Claesen is becoming her co owner and her handler; they make together a real very harmonious and friendly couple.

Thorayya has been a very difficult puppy, she was eating all what she can found, tearing out plants and flowers, a real calamity, she was also well assisted by her sister Tanaïse: two young pasts ...

When you this bitch so proud and precious and her haughty look, you cannot imagine how much stupid things she have made at home.

Thorayya is a real Star, she loves to be grooming, admired, she is real living for the show, as soon as she see I prepare the luggage and the car, she is real crazy, so happy jumping immediately in the car to be sure I don't forget her.





A part thanks to Irène she have travelled all over Europe, she have been in car during thousand kilometres, take the boat, the plane, she is happy and nothing make her afraid until she is the centre of interest.



Our Black Queen is International, German, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Dutch, VDH and Switzerland Champion.
She have win 3 best in show: 24/11/1996 in Heerlen KC Limburg (Netherlands) - 19/10/1997 in Bourges (CAC-CACIB) more than 2.000 dogs in scripted and Special Asia Wind hound (France) - 26/11/1997 in Kortrijk Euro Dogs Shows more than 3.000 dogs (Belgium).
She is also Belgium Winner 1997 and 1998, Bundesieger 2001.

She has received 48 CACIB and 48 BOB in 11 different countries.         thorayya_02                  



She is the mother of the Z litter (2 Z are multi champions Zakiyya and Zoangha)

Thorayya is a bitch that all breeders dream to have one time in their life.

She is a very clever bitch, so sensitive, very sweet with her friends but with the others Salukis she is an indisputable boss of pack. A real Queen.

Thorayya is a lovely saluki and she has given me so much enjoyments, I adore her.


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